"Incredible new modern bathroom by Casa Catalina Design. Every tradesman who worked on the room, from tile setter to plumber to carpenter, marveled at it. We couldn't be more proud! This is our second big remodeling project with the couple behind Casa Catalina, and we can't say enough great things about designer Tiffany Scott Gardner and her husband Forest, who co-owns the business. We appreciate that they were able to take a challenging room and conquer it. Earlier we had taken square footage from this bathroom to expand another adjacent room. By switching the placement of the shower and toilet, they took a cramped and awkward layout and changed it to function better. Their CAD drawings showed us exactly what to expect and the completed work once again exceeded expectation. I can confidently say that Casa Catalina's design is a practical and aesthetic triumph. Have had a number of homes over the years and done a lot of remodeling. We've reached an age where we understand that investing in quality, especially when it comes to our residence, is worth every penny. Very impressed by the skill and competence displayed by both Tiffany and Forest. We have 5 different tiles installed on the walls and floor of this bathroom and they all work together in harmony. Tiffany's ability to combine various materials that create a unique and beautiful result leaves us in awe. I could spend a lot more time waxing poetic over all of the exceptional details like the stunning mother-of-pearl accent tile or the vertical ribbons of metallic ebony tile that stop you in your tracks, but I'll cut to the chase and say that if you are looking to remodel your bathrooms or kitchen or entire house and desire nothing less than stellar results, you need Tiffany and Forest to design and handle your project."
R. Neal
"I am fortunate to have asked Tiffany and Forest Gardner, owners of Casa Catalina Design, to aid me in renovating my new home in southern Arizona. Tiffany found imaginative and original solutions to the difficulty of transforming very limited footage into rooms of elegant simplicity that create an aura of spaciousness. Forest managed all scheduling and installations with skill and patience. I have enjoyed working with this personable couple whose professionalism, dedication to my project and gentle guidance made every interaction a pleasure. I look forward to collaborating with them again and have recommended them to many friends."
M. Knobloch
"I have been a client of Tiffany and Forest’s for 4 years. My home here in Southern Arizona needed a complete makeover to ‘southwesternize’ it. On Tiffany’s first visit, and consultation, I knew I had made the absolute correct choice. She went through room-by-room envisioning what needed to be done and conveyed each idea to me as she jotted it down. With each concept she let me know her thoughts and asked for my input. Tiffany is an absolute visionary by being able to nearly immediately picture what needs to be done to an entire room shortly after scanning from wall-to-wall. I was also intrigued with the cohesion of a ‘working couple’ that would compliment each other and share ideas knowing each other's strengths for design work. The project has been ongoing over time with the entire transformation from a dull, lifeless, interior to one filled with wonderful new furnishings and improvements. The best feeling for me? The compliments I get from my friends and guests! Tiffany and Forest have done a remarkable job, room-by-room, on my entire home. You can rest-assured that the smallest detail to completion will be handled professionally and courteously by this dedicated design couple. To say the transformation is remarkable is an understatement with what this couple has done. All along the way Tiffany and Forest have kept me informed of where we stood and what was forthcoming. Their attention to detail is most certainly a highlight of all that they have undertaken for my home. I highly recommend this couple for all your design needs. Their work is inspiring and I assure you that you will be as pleased as I am with their professional dedication and the passion they will have for your project."
K. Duncan
"Tiffany is a terrific designer to work with. She has great concepts, is open to your input and in no time we came together with a great palette to work with. We have a great room (includes living room, kitchen, dining areas). For me this was a type of space that I had never worked with before. With Tiffany's help, she has created a great space with fabric and color that makes the vast space come together and feels so comfortable and homey. I am thrilled with the final product."
N. Gibbs
"Casa Catalina has created a stunningly beautiful master bath for us. Designer Tiffany Scott Gardner, and her husband/studio manager Forest, listened to our list of "must haves" and executed each item with amazing attention to detail. We emphasized WOW factor and let me tell you, these two exceeded our expectations. We were blown away by their concept and CAD drawings and are just as impressed following completion. Tiffany’s Roman bath design is elegant and full of light, but very functional and welcoming. The piece de resistance? The custom built triple arches over the travertine backsplash on the vanity wall. We love how they gracefully frame the mirrors and a curved niche which holds a family heirloom vase. Compliments abound from friends, neighbors and relatives. They can't believe it's the same room. Tiffany and Forest researched and provided just the right products, including exquisite mosaic tile, gorgeous custom cabinets, fabulous quartz counters, creamy travertine-look tile flooring and unique touches such as Italianate sconces (we are absolutely in love with them and how they flood the vanity area with a warm glow) and a scrolling bronzed skylight grill- every item and detail was carefully thought through and handled. My husband and I could never have come up with these ideas and products. Thankfully, we had our designer’s vision and resources to help us take our project to another level. It’s above and beyond. We highly recommend Casa Catalina Design, finding them to be extremely talented, hard working, patient and thorough. My husband and I have recently contracted with them to design and begin the next project. We are extremely satisfied and know we are in the very best hands. One last word: WOW!!!!!"
N. Gaye
"If you are looking to make some beautiful changes to your home interior or patio area look no further than Casa Catalina Design. Tiffany Scott Gardner is wonderful to work with. She is so knowledgeable and attention to detail is everything. I'm very pleased with the design changes she did for me and you will be too. Give Casa Catalina Design a call, you will be so happy you did."
M. Matosich
"Tiffany and Forest recently completed a design, and coordinated the total remodeling of my 1979 kitchen. At our first meeting, Tiffany took many notes and asked lots of questions about what I wanted in my small galley kitchen. Tiffany incorporated everything I asked for and more into the modern design. I am thrilled with the results! My kitchen is beautiful and way more functional. I highly recommend Casa Catalina design, and will use them for my next remodeling project"
C. Haskins
"Tiffany is a wonderful home design professional. We have many, many raves about the peaceful colors she choose for our home throughout. The living room is our showpiece with the upholstery fabrics she chose: gorgeous soft blue/teal/ grey tones in the upholstery design of our couch, occasional pillows and 2 swivel chairs. And to enhance those cool hues, Tiffany covered a large ottoman in a Moroccan design in gold/teal/red fabric. She was a joy to work with, and we love the beautiful, relaxing home she helped us create!"
M. Sherry