Solar & Roller Shades

Solar & Roller shades are

Sophisticatedly Simple

Roller Shades and Draperies

Roller shades are simplicity at it’s finest. Equally at home with modern or traditional decor, they are a timeless option you can’t go wrong with.

Roller shade fabrics are different from solar shades in that they tend to obscure what is seen through them, and so are a better option for privacy needs. Solar shades on the other hand prioritize the view beyond, while providing relief from the sun. Either one is a classic shade style that is at once simple and elegant.

Light filtering Roller Shades
Roller Shades Simplicity
Roller Shade Sliding Panels

Roller Shades are available in many unique and classic fabrics.

With so many options, including sliding panels that allow you to coordinate your largest openings like doors with your windows, or dual shades that allow you to combine solar and roller fabrics in one window, and many more…

There’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the right solution for your home with roller shades.

Interesting Roller Shade Fabrics

Solar & Roller shades have

An Abundance of Options

Materials & Colors

There are oh so many more

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Light & Privacy

Control Types

Roller Shade Hem Bar Scallops

our Solar & Roller shades contain

Quality without Compromise

We feature Lightweaves® Solar & Roller Shades by Graber.

With an eagle eye toward quality, Graber is focused on their craft over marketing, and offer top-notch hardware, materials, and limited lifetime warranties that are more hassle free than the competition. This means you get a product that matches or exceeds the excellence of its best competitors at a lower cost.

We are able to provide nearly any high quality brand of solar / roller shade available if you prefer something else, but we have found Graber to be quite exceptional and urge you to give their shades the consideration they deserve.

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